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Nov 15, 2012 1:00am EST
. hurricane katrina, there were big mistakes made, a tremendous amount of money wasted, there was not a planned to spend it. they came with a request of $10.5 billion and i supported that. it lasted one week. they came back asking for 50 billion more dollars. 1.8 billion for the corps of engineers. i asked for the plan. and finally, i went right down through the path and i said i want to see your spreadsheet, the documents. if it is not that i want to see the dart board that you might have thrown in the dark at. i think they actually did for a dart figuratively speaking and it ended up on $50 billion for fema. i found out, at 5:30 2:00 a.m., i got the e-mail, he promised me would give the plan on how they got to the number. in that was included -- 300,000 a trailer houses, 270,000 of which were backward, not built yet, $65 million in the planet's four, get this time mitigation of future disasters. there were opportunists in the katrina disaster. in a the result least $1.4 billion of that that were wasted. and that to divorce lawyers and planunta i am asking for complete plan, no
Nov 8, 2012 8:00pm EST
kind of things we can do to make ourselves energy independent. in my view, katrina, you saw it, sandy give some impetus to dealing with climate change. i said, in new york, we will pay for climate change one way or another. we can pay for it after each natural disaster -- in new york, we have had three or 4100-year disasters -- or four 100-year disasters. irene, sandy. it will give some impetus to deal with climate change. even if we cannot reach compromise on that, there are lots of things that we can reach compromise on and that would be on the agenda. the fourth thing i put on the agenda, i talked about earlier in reference to your question. maybe we can get some real financial reform. republicans are beginning to rethink super pacs. they have not produced the positive results they hope for and they have produced negative results that they did not expect. >> if a deal is reached before the end of the year, does that remove the need for tax reform, more comprehensive tax reform next year? >> my view is that corporate tax reform should be treated separately. why? to make corpo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2